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Motorola will be releasing its second phone for the 3 network, the A920, within the next few months. The A920 is no ordinary phone. It’s possibly the most advanced phone you’ll come across this year. The A920 is a tri-band GSM/GPRS/UMTS phone with integrated GPS, camera, audio/video player, video calling and full messaging support.

The GPS will allow location based services, but as yet there has been no word on what these may be. 3 already has location based services available on all their 3G phones< but it is less accurate than GPS. We would expect services such as street maps, and “find nearest” type services for finding the nearest police station, restaurant or park.

The A920 uses the Symbian UIQ operating system (similar to the one found in the P800) which will allow for wide application support. Java support is also included, as well as applications to playback and stream audio and video.

You’ll notice that the A920 doesn’t have a keypad. Motorola have included a stylus so that users will be able to use Motorola’s proprietary QuickPrint handwriting recognition software. Their iTap software can also be used for typing messages.

Finally, a quick note about Bluetooth. After searching everywhere for a definite answer, it seems that the A920 doesn’t have Bluetooth support. This is surprising because the A920′s cousin, the A830 has full Bluetooth support (and is considered to be a «lower» phone). Let’s hope that Motorola decides to include Bluetooth support, otherwise its absence will be a blemish on an otherwise good phone.

Note: Contrary to what other sites are reporting, the A920 has NOT started shipping. It will be released in September/October exclusively on the «3″ network run by Hutchison.

User reports have come in, and it has been confirmed that the A920 will have no Bluetooth.

Another update about Bluetooth. It now looks like the A920 will have Bluetooth, but this will need to be enabled by a firmware patch after you have bought the phone.

Triband GSM 900/1800MHz/1900MHz
Dimensions: 60 x 148 x 24mm
Weight: 212g
Screen Size: 39.9 x 61mm
Screen Resolution: 208 x 320, 16 bit / 64K colors
Built-In 8MB memory with expandable SD/MMC slot
Integrated camera (640 x 480 resolution)
Symbian OS
Audio playback – 128kbps (AAC, MP3) or 64kbps (WMA)
Audio streaming – 128kbps (AAC)
Video playback – 256kbps
Video streaming – 64kbps to 384kbps
Java applications support
Opera browser

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